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  1. Type Designer /
  2. Typographer /
  3. Creative Director


Creative direction, Brand strategy, Typegesamtkunstwerk


Board Member at AIGA/NY

Type Consultant at Apple

Type Designer at Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Clients include Adobe, Apple, Bacardi, Best Made Co., Font Bureau, Google, Frere-Jones Type, IDEO, Intel, JaegerSloan, McCann, Microsoft, Monotype, Snoop Dogg, TIFFANY & CO., The Wall Street Journal, WeWork, YouTube, Birnam Wood, Design MW, Light + Ladder, MCKL, Trolbäck + Co.

Visual Design, Narrative, Installation at University of Oregon

Art Theory at The New Museum

Russian at New York University

Photography at Rhode Island School of Design

Sculpture at Pacific Northwest College of Art

Sculpture at Frye Art Museum

Mathematics & Literature at George Fox University

WNW Member #2053