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Look At This! it's a Freelance job

8th Frame is looking for a Freelance 3D Modeling/Lighting/Texturing in Brooklyn, NY, USA.


We've got a project we're doing creating a series of (5) 3D sets for Disney. Each is a set design from a different decade/period of time/old television show. As I understand, the client will be providing either sketches or photoshop layouts of what they're roughly looking for. Our job will be making/rendering it in 3D. (Just creating a still -- no animation.) We'll likely be modelling some elements from scratch and purchasing some stock.

Timeline is tight (we have one week to develop first drafts) so I'm looking to hire 4-5 people -- roughly one set for each person. We'll be working in Cinema 4D using either redshift or octane as the render engine. (Whichever you prefer is probably fine.)

My rough estimate is about 1/2 a day searching through stock models, 1 day modelling, 1 day texturing, 1/2 day lighting. So it's probably about 3-4 days total next week.

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3D, Cinema 4D, Compositing, Lighting, Modeling, Octane, Textures

Date Posted

January 13, 2021

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Ryan Scammell