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Can You Believe It?! it's a Full-time job

You're probably not one to take a job just to make your friends jealous, but in case you are, Oatly is hiring a Senior Designer in New York, NY, USA.


Here are the things we’re looking for:
- You’re obsessed with the craft. You are an engine, a doer, working on everything from initial visuals through to all forms of execution. You are constantly pushing the quality of the design, either in your own work or with working with the broader team. You have a strong vision and work doggedly to make it come to life across everything that we do as a brand
- You get pissed. Laborious processes and bad design really gets under your skin. Design that doesn’t do shit in the world is a waste. You’re impatient to have your work be a part of something bigger
- You are hungry. You proactively find design opportunities in every nook and cranny, of every size and shape. You are always on the look-out to learn something new, try something new, apply the design in ways that are new and exciting
- You can wrangle chaos. You can get your stuff done but also know when you need extra hands - either internally or external - and how to guide them. You are flexible, moving at the pace of creativity and culture
- You’re a team player. You bring the good energy and know that we need all hands working together to elevate each of us. You mesh and play with all the different disciplines and departments here in North America and can also riff and work with our European colleagues. You’re not afraid to have the conversations needed
- You’re an adult. You’re not precious, you are resilient and you know this is about getting the right work into the world above all else. You get the urgency. You understand the stakes. You know this isn’t about any one of us but the change that together we must make in the world

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On-site required?



6-9 years



Date Posted

October 13, 2020

Managed By

Cara Schacher


  • Generous VacationGenerous Vacation
  • Great benefitsGreat benefits
  • Maternity / PaternityMaternity / Paternity
  • No assholesNo assholes

Fine Print

And here’s another list of qualities we think make a good Oatly team member:
- You feel connected to our mission of encouraging health, sustainability, and transparency
- You are a self-starter who doesn’t need direct supervision to motivate you for success we believe strongly in building a culture of individual accountability and ownership and need partners that can embrace that mentality
- You are ready to make your mark in a smaller, growing brand leveraging your experience to deliver amazing results and build an outstanding company
- You have entrepreneurial spirit in that you’re comfortable with ambiguity and are energized by the process of building something lasting from the ground up
- You enjoy sharing your quirkiness and talents with your coworkers

Another bulleted list felt redundant, so we wrote this long sentence with all the ways we sweeten the deal to work with us, like providing generous paid vacation for starters, really great benefits with 100% medical coverage, genuinely great coworkers who want to see the company and each other succeed, a start-up vibe with an established company history, and a fridge full of the best non-dairy alternative in the world for your enjoyment.

Interested? Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/oatly/136eac47-997b-4aea-ae1e-ada7f4a346e7