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Can You Believe It?! it's a Freelance job

Here's the deal: Riverland Collective is looking for a Freelance Branding and Messaging Strategist + Website Design to launch our music library for licensing songs - while educating and empowering artists and composers in our Fairfax, VA, USA office. '


As we are in early stages of creating Riverland Collective, for artists and by artists, we need help to sculpt our exact brand and refine our messaging for our website and future marketing.

Our overall Mission/Goal: To be a "hybrid music house" which means:
1. License songs from our curated library, provide custom music, and develop and feature (emerging) artists.
2. Be a resource/framework/vehicle (in conjunction with our partnerships and advisors) to not only educate artists, engineers, producers, composers, musicians, songwriters, singers, etc., in areas of music but also provide opportunities and projects for collaborations and networking.

Riverland Collective has 3 main targets:
1. Artists, composers, musicians, etc. with two main purposes:
- Building our catalog of songs to license (this includes developing composers, as well as, curating existing recorded songs to be included in the library)
- Developing emerging talent/artists to release music (similar to aspects of a record label)
2. People/Companies needing music for their projects (music supervisors, producers, ad agencies, production houses, etc.) so that we can:
- License existing songs in our library to them
- Record custom music
- Provide music supervision for their project
3. Lastly, we need to attract/target advisors and potential partners.

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Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Content Writing, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Strategy

Date Posted

May 13, 2020

Managed By

Joe Martinez