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Senior Animator. Roblox. San Mateo, CA, USA.


As an Senior Animator, you will be working with a team of talented engineers, artists, and technical artists to push the boundaries of what is possible on the Roblox platform. You will be instrumental in informing where we take our animation tools and help advance our capabilities by providing reference animations as well as new animation suites and thematic variations.

You will:

Report to the Director of Art
Create benchmark animations suitable for avatars that go beyond what is currently available on the platform.
Work with engineers to solve technical issues like blended animations.
Create custom rigs for set-piece animations.
Help develop and improve animation tools and pipeline within Roblox Studio.
Author specs for new features and improvements to the animation system.
Investigate and provide feedback on our tools and pipelines from an artist and game developer perspective.
Document work and pipelines and create user-friendly tutorials.
Review and provide feedback to any externally produced animations.
Be the content coordinator for all animation assets.
You have:

A Bachelor's degree in computer science or related CG field
4+ years in the game industry, worked on titles on multiple platforms (mobile a plus)
The ability to envision extensible and efficient methods for production and improvements to everything from Avatar, Clothing, Hair, and skin shading.
Experience with modern real-time engines, variety of art tools (including Maya and Blender), runtime animation, complex deformation systems and cloth simulation
An expertise in human motion, squash and stretch, timing, and secondary motion.
The skills to build rigs, morph targets, do skin weighting, and solvers for hair and cloth.
A creative and strategic approach to solving existing issues and driving new tools/functionality for our developers
The desire to learn, explore and provide value in a fast-paced, fluid environment
Solid communication and collaboration skills

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Adobe Animate, Adobe Character Animator

Date Posted

May 12, 2023

Budget Pay Range

$187,530 - $229,730 Annually

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Lauren Zaroukian