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If we were bragging we'd say, “Come join and take a lead role in the first global campaign of a globally-renowned brand in the natural aesthetics space and enjoy an opportunity to work with an inspiring, thought provoking A-List talent and an unparalleled execution team" but bragging isn't our thing, so we'll just say, “Brand X in Remote is hiring a Freelance ECD (Freelance) for a Beauty Campaign featuring an A-List Celebrity ."



Having been focused on B2B marketing, a gap was created between Brand X and our potential direct-consumers. Most clients hear about us through their doctors or beauticians and very few walk-in demanding/inquiring about our specific solution. We’d like that to change.

With the intention of adding a layer of B2C marketing, we’re partnering with Celebrity X to lead our advertising and communications over the next two years. We feel that the shared DNA between Brand x and Celebrity X highlights the authenticity of this relationship and will help position Brand x as the solutions’ of choice for individuals who seek to enhance their natural beauty resources.

This campaign should primarily focus on our mother-brand, with specific (separate) emphasis on the specific solutions we offer.


1. Increase Brand X’s brand awareness and ultimately turn us into a household name amongst (potential) consumers of energy-based aesthetics solutions.
2. Differentiate our brand from competitors by vocalizing our brand values and approach.
3. Make Brand x the solution of choice for the world’s leading clinics, doctors and beauticians.


● Video. Seven (7) pieces of video content, featuring Celebrity X. The videos are not TV commercials, but should rather tell a story about Brand X and our solutions.
● Photographs.
● B-Roll. B-roll footage from the shooting days, including a short interview with Celebrity X promoting Brand X.


You’d be required to develop a full creative direction, including but not limited to concept(s), scripts, copy and art direction to work in synergy across all marketing assets. The first step is to develop four (4) initial creative concepts, two (2) of which shall be developed into full concepts (including final scripts, storyboards and copy) and presented to Celebrity X - one (1) being chosen as final, to be further developed.

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Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Celebrity, Cinematography, Commercial, Conceptual, Content Strategy, Content Writing, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Research, Creative Strategy, Digital, Filmmaking, Language: English, Maintaining Schedules, Management of Teams 1-10, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Scripting, Strategy, Trend Analysis

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February 12, 2023

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Jonathan Schenker


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Bookmark will be hiring for this job, however the client is a third-party brand that hired Bookmark to package all creative and production services on its behalf.