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Freelance Senior Content Creator. Born & Bred. United States. BOOM! Nuff said.


As the Senior Content Creator, you will be responsible for creating social media content that pushes our clients’ social strategies forward. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience ideating, designing, and developing social media content across multiple platforms. Their content should generate views, spark engagement, and be informative and entertaining.

* Developing a high volume of engaging, accurate, and informative content for our clients’ social channels each week.
* Creating a content calendar with a diverse array of posts and managing team members to ensure standards and deadlines are met.
* Meeting with clients to understand their objectives and presenting work to explain how it accomplishes those goals.
* Proactively identifying the latest trends in social media and internet culture and finding ways to incorporate them into our work.
* Making sure that all content is accurate and can’t be misinterpreted. 
* Leading brainstorm sessions to solicit fresh ideas and perspectives from the creative teams.
* Researching and reacting to news events to create compelling and meaningful content.
* Creating content that varies in tone, style, and execution to create a splash in the market, all, while staying on brand.
* Sharing performance insights with client and internal teams.

You Might Thrive In This Role If You
* Have 6+ years of experience in ideating and developing social content for premium clients. 
* Have successfully managed creative projects from ideation to launch.
* Have proven success in driving tangible results across social media channels.
* Have excellent communication skills, including writing and editing experience.
* Have a way with words and care for detail, down to the last punctuation mark.
* Are as well-versed in developing infographics as you are in making memes.
* Have a passion for social-first storytelling.
* A love for research, writing, design, and social media.

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6-9 years


Copywriting, Design, Social, Social Media Strategy

Date Posted

November 21, 2022

Budget Pay Range

$90,000 - $110,000

Managed By

Emily Whittington