Hot Damn! it's a Freelance job

Walmart is looking for a Freelance Creative Operations Business Manager in Remote.


Our Creative Operations team is looking for someone who wants to get into the details about budgets, work with our Finance team, figure out proper governance, and work with our vendor management team on MSAs, ISAs, SOWs, PCRs. You love numbers, reports and dashboards. You are super detail-oriented, and are really on top of projects, relationships, status, funds, and Creative team needs. You understand small business finances, capital expenditures, and big business processes and procedures (you can tolerate red tape).

Here's a sampling of what your duties might entail:

- work closely with the director of creative operations on finances and budget
- take care of all of our business and agency relationships
- deal with all contracts, negotiations and validation
- be the liaison with vendor management, finance, and other cross-functional teams
- pull metrics and develop dashboards and quarterly creative production, finance, resourcing reports
- keep track of, and follow up on, invoicing and payment
- schedule and host meetings with agencies/prospective vendors
- keep our finances and books straight and clean
- own our internal finance tool
- audit hourly and project rates, and normalize, as needed
- keep updated with area and industry rates
- work with photo studio business manager for all-up Creative financial governance
- work with the payments and invoicing teams on on-time payment
- understand and work with internal teams on creative-specific finance, payment, etc., needs.
Ideal Candidate Must-Haves :
• 5 years of experience working with cross-functional teams.
• 4 years of experience managing agency/vendor contracts and relationships.
• 4 years of experience working on a creative team.
• 3 years of experience as a creative operations manager, office manager, coordinator, or some other related role.

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3-6 years


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Date Posted

July 14, 2022

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Candace Keene