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Dream Job
  • Have you always dreamt that the job post for your dream job would start with "Mother is hiring a Creative Director in their London office..." and end with "…to work on "? Well, wakey wakey, sleepyhead! It's real!
  • Here's the deal: Dark Igloo is looking for a Design Intern to in our Brooklyn office.
  • UX Designer. Google. NYC. BOOM! Nuff said.
  • Apple is looking for a Copywriter in Cupertino, CA. Not an Copywriter but the kind of Copywriter that makes other Copywriters question their Copywriter-ness.
  • Oak Studios is looking for a Producer in Brooklyn.
  • We know what you're wondering…is this one of those job posts where The New York Times is looking for a Freelance Animator in their New York office where everyone is and some of them ? Yes, yes it is.
  • If we were bragging we'd say, “Come join and with and " but bragging isn't our thing, so we'll just say, “Squarespace in New York is hiring a Front-End Developer."
  • If you wake up everyday screaming, "IF ONLY I WORKED AS A SENIOR ART DIRECTOR AT DROGA5 IN NEW YORK I COULD STOP AND MY LIFE WOULD BE !!! !!!" we can help.
  • You're probably not one to take a job just to make your friends jealous, but in case you are, Nike is hiring an Art Director in Portland.
  • Nothing would make your mom happier than bragging to the girls that her kid got a job as a Front-end Developer at Github in SF. They'd all be very impressed with how and you are.
  • HOLY ! Vice is hiring a Photographer to work on in their New York City office.
  • Get your off your back with a job as a Creative Director at Barton F. Graf in NYC. We're .
  • Wieden+Kennedy is looking for a cross between and for their Design Director position in Portland. Must love and be able to .
  • Do you hate , , and ? Then you'd really hate working as a Junior Designer at Airbnb in San Francisco and should stop reading now. Seriously.

Sample Job Post

Union Made Creative is looking for a cross between Michael Jordan and Michael Bierut for their Senior Designer position in . Must love meticulous design and be able to dunk from the foul line.


  • Three words to describe this job are sports, design, details.
  • Our motto is creative work is best served when the brightest minds come together without the unnecessary burden of process or preconception.
  • This is a great opportunity because our goal is to never be defined by a particular style or technique, but rather be defined by how we solve a problem in an undefined way.
  • The ideal personality for this role is enthusiastic, artistic and optimistic.
  • You'd be working on various Nike projects.
  • You'll love our office because UNION lives in the historic Presidio Park inside an original men’s Civil War barracks. Just in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.

On-site required?



3-6 years


Broadcast, Experiential, Interactive, Print, Social

Date Posted

December 13, 2018


  • Beer Beer
  • Dog friendly Dog friendly
  • Near beach Near beach
  • No assholes No assholes
  • Not a sweatshop Not a sweatshop
  • Sweet office Sweet office
This job is no longer accepting applications