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Soul Seasons

"Soul Seasons" is an animation by Holly Danger, created using stop motion techniques with 1000 pieces of ripped paper, green screen footage and a mix of graphic magic through the use of final cut pro and after effects. It is part of our human nature to adapt to what is both controlled change and what the universe surprises us with. In my story, I am parallelling life cycles in nature to our own human experiences of change, finding synchronicity and feeling love. This animation has been projected for the City Canvases project in Bridgeport, CT, at the LAMP Festival in New Haven, CT, the Factory Underground in Norwalk, CT and at the "A" Gallery in Martha's Vineyard. Created by Holly Danger Featured actors: Veronica Vixen, Aaron Garovoy Music by Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Little Monsters" Music under credits by Lamb, "Angelica" Additional motion graphics by Beeple

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Artist, Cinematographer, Creative Director, Editor (Brand/Content), Writer
2D, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Color Grading, Editing, Motion, Stop Motion
Music Videos, Video Installations
Project Industries