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Ask Tia

Tia is a personal, private chat-based assistant that you can message with about birth control and sexual health. Co-founder, Carolyn Witte, approached me in September 2016 with the concept and I worked with her to define the brand voice and tone, create the initial strategy, and draft all the dialogue users would encounter when talking to ‘Tia.’ Meant to feel like a non-judgmental aunt, Tia helps users with all their gynecological health care needs from helping pick a birth control to answering their deepest, darkest sexual health questions. Multiple scripts were drafted to guide users through a slew of scenarios from broken condoms to mysterious rashes. Throughout it all, Tia is there to give you the information you need in an accessible way, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Project Roles
Ask Tia
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Products - Digital
Ask Tia
Ask Tia