This is Matthew’s motion reel consisting of various clients. Some of these clients are companies like Comedy Central, Spike TV, Tvland, SGNY, etc. The work in this reel, although is most broadcast consists of some advert placement. The work in the reel is a compendium of various techniques and methods used to create the end result. Some projects were only primarily created with After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Where other projects only Cinema 4D and After Effects were used. There are a few pieces that were very heavy with the usage of trapcode particular. This was implemented in several different ways, from star systems, to tasting a rainbow of skittles. All these projects were either designed and animated from concept to completion, animated, composited, or design-imated by Matthew Vohlidka.

Project Roles
Animator, Designer
2D, 3D, After Effects
2D Animations, 3D Animations