Talent Works

LCC Talent Works is a new programme to give recent London College of Communication graduates the opportunity to develop a web project for social enterprises, charities and community groups in Southwark, London. As a creative lead, I worked guiding students on the creative and technical aspects of the project as well as soft skills such as 'how to approach clients', identifying and fulfilling users' needs with the purpose of creating digital platforms that will make an impact on the community. Talent Works is a program that supports students by demystifying digital projects and supporting them on the journey as well as making sure that we develop a product that will give the chance to social enterprises to have an active presence on the internet for their own development. If there is 1 key message for this type of projects is that as professionals, we have the duty to share experiences on a real-world level with the new blood how to approach and talk to clients outside the University in preparation for the graduation, as well as seed the importance of working with local communities and other social enterprises.

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Talent Works
Talent Works
Talent Works