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Transitions Lenses global integrated campaign

ith my art partner, i concepted a vibrant, upbeat lifestyle campaign that would evolve the Transitions brand, repositioning Transitions lenses from a "might" to a "must" and speak directly to younger, more fashion-savvy wearers. In our fear-mongering culture of 24 hr news cycles, most folks hear negative stuff about the effects of light, but they don’t often hear about its positive qualities that enrich us and bring us happiness. my TV script is a manifesto to the good nature of light, while hitting all the product RTBs. Wearing Transitions is that "good filter" that lets in all the good vibes, and blocks all the bad vibes. i wrote the new campaign tagline "Live The Good Light" to embody that lifestyle anthem, a technicolor carpe diem: get out there and love the light.

Project Roles
Havas Lynx
Broadcast, Commercial, Conceptual, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Digital, Print, Scripting, Storyboarding
Commercials - Broadcast
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Transitions Lenses global integrated campaign