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Cosmic Balance

“Cosmic Balance” invites the viewers to reflect upon the meaning of justice. Elements of the mural reference the etymology of Maat present in the judicial world. The Egyptians had a cosmic connection to the final judgment, and believed that at death their hearts were weighted against the feather of Maat. The Egyptian goddess of justice weighted the heart to measure the deeds and the evolution of the soul in a lifetime. The soul would go and take it’s place in the stars before it went into a new body for a new life; and each soul in each lifetime made the whole spirit of a person. Plato, inspired by Socrates believed a human’s soul was divided in three parts, reason, spirit, and desire, and applied this to both humans, and cities when referring to harmony in justice.

Project Roles
Artist, Designer, Illustrator
City of Jersey City
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Conceptual, Design, Painting
Murals, Street Art
Project Industries
Media, Travel/Tourism
Cosmic Balance
Cosmic Balance
Cosmic Balance