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GOOD DAY | A Place at the Table

Working with Iron Way Films, I edited and produced a Stop-Motion, Action-driven campaign video for the Documentary, A Place at the Table, from Participant Media. Using Dragon-Frame to assist in the production, and the adobe suite to finalize and tweak all animations, this project utilized a large part of my skill set. Good Day was shot using traditional stop-motion animation, and incorporated over 2,500 individual frames. Different than traditional 2D animation, the piece was shot on a live set, utilizing hand-made paper cutouts. The process was a true labor of love. Every bit of movement, expression and transition required an intense amount of planning and preparation. As a result, the filmmakers were only able to capture 2 seconds of screen-time per day.

Project Roles
Animator, Art Producer, Editor (Brand/Content), Post Producer
Participant Media
After Effects, Art Direction, Editing, Stop Motion
2D Animations, Short Films
Project Industries
Entertainment, Media
GOOD DAY | A Place at the Table
GOOD DAY | A Place at the Table
GOOD DAY | A Place at the Table
GOOD DAY | A Place at the Table