Dornbracht Vaia Campaign

For the launch of their new line of fixtures, Dornbracht’s marketing agency Meiré und Meiré challenged us to create a hypothetical architectural space inspired by and highlighting the new line of bath fixtures. The design, which we call the glass cathedral, has fins of glass archways spanning the entire space. S-curved walls exist within this cathedral and define spaces for each of the fixtures being highlighted – sink, shower, and bath. The design of the project was a collaborative effort with a team in the studio. For the final deliverable, I created a series of rendered images. Lighting, materials, and post-processing were all part my scope and the final images were featured on many design blogs including Dezeen where the images received over 11,000 likes.

Project Roles
Artist, Designer
Rafael de Cardenas / Architecture at Large
3D, 3D Generalist, Adobe Photoshop, Environmental, Modeling, Rendering, Rhino
Architectural Visualization, Environmental Design
Dornbracht Vaia Campaign
Dornbracht Vaia Campaign
Dornbracht Vaia Campaign