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Murder Mystery - Storyboards

These storyboards comprise of 135 individual panels. (using a brush & ink on cartridge paper). The story is my original creation entitled Murder Mystery. Stylistically it begins as a 1950's detective Film Noir but towards the end turns into a western. It also contains a meta-narrative addressing the idea that the comic strip as a powerful means of communication and how from 1954 - 2001 the American government government enforced a strict censorship rule (the Comics Code Authority) on all publications due to it’s supposed immoral or subversive influence on it’s youth. In order to compound both the positive and negative elements of the comic strip. In my narrative the young boy is deaf and drawn to comics (the picture/word format being a language learning tool) however perversely with the involvement of the gangsters I’ve highlighted the comic as being contraband or illegal material. *The music playing over this is a piece entitled Morgan V which is an original composition written and performed by myself.

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Concept Art, Storyboards
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