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Portraits of Budapest | 360° Trailer | Corinthia Hotels

Portraits of Budapest is a VR mini-series for Corinthia Hotels. Here's a question - what is it you should do next in "destination video" after "Watchtower of Turkey". Can 360 be an answer? Not really. Or rather, as with any other technology - only if it serves the story. The main idea was for this series to be very personal and sincere. Transferring that true honesty through the film is always a daunting task. That mental distance viewers build to guard against the information overload makes it really hard to be engaging and yet raw. But! With VR headsets, it feels like we can get a bit closer and are able to get through, share the feeling one gets when we first talked to the characters about the city they love.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Director
360° Video, Adobe Premiere Pro, Creative Direction, Filmmaking
360° Video, Advertising, Brand Films, Branded Content
Project Industries
Advertising, Travel/Tourism, Virtual Reality
Portraits of Budapest | 360° Trailer | Corinthia Hotels