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My practice revolves around the creation of an underlying presence within a space,sculpted through objects and imagery. I wish to set a tone within my work and for it to dispense fluently through the course of its interaction with a visitor. Themes of frustration and the uncanny are recurring, the point is not to disarm an audience but to allow them to form their own narrative with the work.The outcome is a sensation which they have created between themselves and the piece. For my most recent project,’Pepper’, my intentions were the same, to create a feeling which could envelope a space ,and for that atmosphere to be the real work. I examine how my mother and grandmother communicate and react toward one another. Based off my own instincts on how they exchange subtleties and reading their actions and tones I translate this into a common sensation that I believe most mothers and their daughters to have. The mother holds a certain platonic seduction over their daughter, one that is near impossible to neglect. By passing between two synchronized screens, back to back you pass between two familiar facets of a lifelong relationship. It can seem to form a reassuring rhythm just as much as it can portray a cruel circle of madness between two women who have the power to utterly infuriate one another if they succumb to their restraint. The female character in the video will lure you in through a knowing charm and frustrate you through an equally familiar flippancy, allowing an audience to relate to elements within their relationship with their own mother.

Project Roles
Art Director, Set Designer, Producer, Photographer, Furniture Designer, Editor (Brand/Content), Director, Creative Director, Content Producer, Cinematographer, Artist, Art Producer, Writer
2D, 3D, 4K, Art Direction, Cinematography, Conceptual, Content, Digital, Drama, Editing
Art, Experimental Films, Short Films
Project Industries
Entertainment, Media