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AT&T Digital Life

Tasked with creating a series of videos to educate thousands of retail associates on AT&T’s new Digital Life lineup of home security and automation products, Slater Dixon and Avocado Films helped to spice things up a bit by creating a “film fest” of seven unique films discussing the benefits and features of the aforementioned products. When it came to post, Slater turned to me to create the unique graphics and animations to accompany each film’s unique flavour, as well as tackle the extensive compositing and VFX work. Featured is the seventh film, and my personal favourite, “Digital Life Takeaways,” a short recap of key points from the previous six films. I crafted the introductory title animation, as well as the subsequent design and animation (with the exception of the zombie arm, which was provided by Illustrator Rick Pinchera), as well as copious amounts of rotoscoping.

Project Roles
Animator, Designer
2D, Compositing, Design, Motion
2D Animations
Project Industries
AT&T Digital Life