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Chevy Sonic Super Bowl

Launching the Chevy Sonic. A car for firsts. The first car launched by the Internet. Literally. Nobody cares about yet another car launch, except when you get to do it yourself. We asked the Internet to launch the Chevy Sonic by pushing it off a 100 ft. platform, and people went click crazy: 2.5 million clicks and nine hours later, the Sonic went bungee jumping over the edge—all live streamed on our blog. Sonic's First Skydive: From 0 - 60 in 0.4 Sec. To create a series of awe-inspiring original Sonic firsts, we partnered with extreme sports stars, robotics experts and tech masterminds. We started by showing off the Sonic from all angles while the car was free-falling from 14,000 ft. Sonic's First KickFlip (and TV show) Sonic partnered with Rob Dyrdek, pro skateboarder and star of the MTV show Fantasy Factory, to pull off its first kickflip. The stunt kicked off the fifth season of Fantasy Factory; prominently featured in the season premiere. Sonic's First Music Video - Featuring OK Go Sonic collaborated with viral-video geniuses OK Go to create a remarkable first for both car and music worlds. The band used a Sonic to actually play all the instruments in their song “Needing/ Getting.” The result was a spectacular music video that we premiered during the Super Bowl, instantly hitting #1 on YouTube, and racking up 10 million views in the first five days. Sonic's First Street Art - Featuring Jeff Soto Sonic collaborated with the artist Jeff Soto to create its first mural in Oakland, CA. Soto worked together with a team of robotics engineers and programmers for four months to pull off this artistic first. In his words, “The world’s first robotic art car". Sonic's First Super Bowl Come Super Bowl time, the viral videos of Sonic’s firsts had over 120 million views. It was time to tell everyone else what Sonic had been up to. After “Sonic Anthem” aired on Super Bowl Sunday, Sonic saw a 680% increase in Google search. Sonic already has 150% more Facebook friends than the Ford Fiesta. Sonic's First World Record Fashioned after the classic carnival game, we turned Hollywood’s famous Roosevelt Hotel into the World’s Largest Claw Game—the world’s first playable, interactive 3-D projection, officially verified by Guinness World Records. The prizes included everything you need in order to do your own firsts—from dream vacations to sports gear to a Chevy Sonic. Game of Firsts: Earn a Sonic with Your First Times LetsDoThis.com, the blog of Sonic’s firsts, invited people to do their own firsts for a chance to win a Sonic. You could also download an app to post proof of your first times as they happened.

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Chevy Sonic Super Bowl