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Autodesk African Fossiles Timeline

Interactive timeline of Hominid evolution. This platform curates a Cloud-generated 3D database of archeological specimens dating back 20 million years. I worked with Autodesk on the UI for Remake, formerly Project Memento. ReMake is an end-to-end solution for converting reality captured with photos or scans into high-definition 3D meshes. These meshes that can be cleaned up, fixed, edited, scaled, measured, re-topologized, decimated, aligned, compared and optimized for downstream workflows entirely in ReMake. Louise Leaky and her team use Remake to scan archeological specimens in an effort to create the worlds first publicly accessible 3D archive. I worked with Louise to create a completely interactive evolutionary timeline project. The timeline serves up high-quality 3D models of actual Hominid Specimens dating back as far as 20 million years. There is also an interactive map that shows early human migration. I created a simple linear animation that helps frame human existence within the larger earth lifespan, then populates with the 6 major Genus, and splinters off into clickable detailed specimens for a seamless experience. On the Remake team I worked with an Autodesk Project manager and several developers on an international schedule. I pushed through several rounds of icon treatments, tool tips, dashboards, and some branding for the platform. We were really looking for a soft, minimal, inviting UI that wouldn't put new user's off. Understanding Autodesk's workflow put me in a good position to manage African Fossils myself. I created UX wireframes, storyboards, stepped animation frames, and plenty of visual design treatment to my development team, and had regular remote meetings with the primary stakeholder, Louise Leaky. Understanding the dynamics between Autodesk's software and Louise Leaky's real-world use case allowed me to work efficiently on both sides of the line. Cloud processing makes ReMake and African Fossils highly accessible to people with less than industry-standard hardware, so they can view high quality meshes of real artifacts, and get inspired to chronicle real world objects of their own with little or no 3D modelling expertise. The enormous public good, accessibility implications, and project crossover created a real sweet spot for me as a designer as this is the kind of multidisciplinary work I really thrive on. ​

Project Roles
Art Director, Illustrator, UX/IA Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Visual Development
Illustrations, Infographics, Motion Graphics, Timelines
Project Industries
Education, Media
Autodesk African Fossiles Timeline
Autodesk African Fossiles Timeline
Autodesk African Fossiles Timeline