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Designing Developer Tools

In the Fall of 2015 I joined the Developer Tools team at Mozilla Firefox. It was a whirlwind of learning about the complexities of browsers, developer tooling, the people writing our web specs, and open source community. As lead (and only) designer on the team it was a challenging adjustment to the slow and meticulous speed of design necessitated by a product used by millions of people worldwide, even if I was managing the design of there tools used by the small subset of people who build websites as a hobby or for a living. I made a lot of mistakes, got a very unique look into how people use their browsers and their computers, and learned a great deal about how passionate people are about the fox program on their desktop. In my time at Firefox I shipped new color palettes for the Developer Tools, redesigned the panel icons, designed the first iteration of CSS Grid tooling, redesigned the Responsive Design Mode, and redesigned the Debugger*, in addition to consulting the developers and brainstorming numerous small usability enhancements. I assisted the User Research team as a fly on the wall for their research on task continuity, spoke at ViewSourc.es thanks to the community team, and facilitated a social media campaign as an illustrator.

Project Roles
UX/IA Designer
Adobe Illustrator, CSS / JS Precompressor, JavaScript, Sketch
UX Designs
Project Industries
Designing Developer Tools
Designing Developer Tools