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Wolf Creek 2 - Greg McClean

Wolf Creek 2 I took on the role of CG supervisor and comp supervisor on over 160 shots for this long-awaited sequel from Wolf Creek director Greg McLean. I was responsible for supervising a team of modellers, riggers, animators, texture artists, lighters and compositors on a wide range of shots including over 15 containing multiple CG animals. My role also included camera and object tracking of the complex animal shots and integrating all of those elements together in comp. The most rewarding part of working on this feature was pulling together a particularly complex sequence of furry cg animals dodging and hitting fast moving live action vehicles. It was also a privilege to work on such an anticpated sequel to an iconic Australian film.

Project Roles
VFX Artist
3D, CGI, Compositing
Feature Length Films
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Wolf Creek 2 - Greg McClean