City Ride (ios Design)

City ride was a concept project to see how a city-wide bike sharing service wiII work. I worked as the UI designer on this project and did these: - I conducted user surveys and created Personas for more user story mapping - I designed high-fidelity mockups for all modules - I created icon set to be used across the entire app I created iIIustrations of Iandscapes, cIouds to bring the app to Iife and emphasize the connectedness of aII users spread across the city. I created sIide-to-start-trip button that resonated with ios users (See: opening and iphone), and that wiII go a long way to improving the experience whiIe using the app.

Project Roles
Product Designer
Mobile Apps, UI Design
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City Ride (ios Design)
City Ride (ios Design)
City Ride (ios Design)
City Ride (ios Design)