Humana AEP

Working to make accessing healthcare easier for seniors, Humana was looking to extend its ‘Human Care’ campaign into the Asian American market. The challenge? Healthcare for Asian American seniors was already crowded with familiar options. But it was also rife with stereotypes about the community and almost none of the other brands addressed Asian American seniors as individual consumers with a campaign that spoke directly to their needs. We dove in, research first, building a campaign based on original empirical data collection which was so far missing from these target segments. Along with culture-specific habits and behaviors, we created messaging — including a full-service website — that addressed Asian American seniors and their specific needs from healthcare. Emphasizing on Humana’s proposition for genuine care for their consumers, we spelled out how regular healthcare no longer worked for most people and highlighted Humana’s stand-out value in the market. When you’re real, it shows,

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Copywriter, Creative Director, Writer
Copywriting, Multi-cultural, Content Strategy, Social
Posters, Commercials - Radio, Pitch Decks, Websites
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Humana AEP
Humana AEP
Humana AEP