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Rainbow Guardians

Rainbow Guardians started as a loop for Loopdeloop (a bi-monthly animation challenge, where you may animate a loop based on a given theme). Rainbow was that month’s theme and I just could think of this kind of colorful barbarian-power-rangers-like sweaty dudes. That’s what rainbow means to me! So I reached to Mel Roach, who helped me to animate this masterpiece, and Damien Clarke, who made the wonderful tune that probably you could not get out of your head, ever again. As it simulates a cartoon series’ opening, many people asked if a series could be made. 4 years after the loop aired in the internets, I must say I’m refining the script of a pilot episode with my friend Franz Xavier de Manuel, designing new characters and doing what it takes to make that a reality! Stay tuned! And if you'd like to finance the idea in any way, I'm all ears!

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Creative Director
2D, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Visual Development
2D Animations, Character Animations, Character Designs, Movie Trailers, Personal Project
Project Industries
Rainbow Guardians