Samsung #BigOnNYC

To launch the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and the Galaxy Note 5 on the T-Mobile network we went 'Big On' key markets. Using the Samsung proposition 'The Next Big Thing is Here' and taking inspiration from T-Mobiles more edgy style we abandon their usual flyer handout tactic and teamed up with Meres One and the 5Pointz graffiti collective. Hooking up a new Samsung Note5 to a projector mounted onto a pickup we let graffiti legend Meres draw live onto buildings hit and run style. As we moved around Manhattan branded street teams handed out flyers that unfolded into a big graffiti poster done by a local artist. Now that NYC had been tagged we went Big On Boston and then hit Philly, Miami and Chicago. For each city we had a new poster designed by a graffiti artist that lived or worked there. With only 2 weeks from brief to execution we had a very happy client.

Project Roles
Art Director
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction
Graffiti, Projection Mapping
Project Industries
Samsung #BigOnNYC