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PNC Gift Hunt

Every year, PNC Bank releases "The Christmas Price Index": a financial report detailing what the twelve gifts from the song "The 12 Days of Christmas" would cost in today's economy, leading to a grand reveal of the true cost of Christmas. The 29-year-old tradition helps teach middle school kids about the economy by semi-mimicking the Consumer Price Index. Instead of simply finding a cute way to present the prices of the twelve gifts, we asked people to help us find them first--in a worldwide Gift Hunt incorporating Google Maps. Users were asked to water a pear tree to attract the partridge in Central Park, to unlock the five golden rings from a Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza, and to retrieve stolen bagpipes from the Loch Ness Monster herself, in Scotland, recovering all 12 gifts to reveal their 2012 prices. Lighthearted copy clarified what was expected of the user at each location, while providing snippets of backstory for each of the missing gifts. Deutsch partnered with B Reel to create the experience using HTML5 Canvas, CSS 3 and the Google Maps API. Unique animations crafted for each gift and custom sound design made each leg of the journey more memorable. FWA Site of the Day, Google Sandbox Featured

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Conceptual, Copywriting, Interactive
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PNC Gift Hunt
PNC Gift Hunt
PNC Gift Hunt
PNC Gift Hunt