Victoria's Secret — Pre-Commencement Video

#THATCOLLEGELIFE The Pre-Commencement Speech To get in the sorority sister mindset, my team and I sat down and did some social listening. We trolled blogs, twitter and online magazine comment sections to hear what our girls were saying about #thatcollegelife. The term "the struggle is real" came up endlessly, along with all the humorous scenarios that went along with it. College girls' cheap hacks, MacGyver-like solves and dorm-room inventions, like using straightening irons to cook bacon spoke to creativity. Girl power and cheeky humor were also big hits. But most importantly, our girls were learning how to "adult" on the fly. And they were doing it without any guidance from actual adults or brands. That became our strategy. PINK would give "adulting" advice to girls in the form of a pre-commencement speech. Because mastering college is just as important as graduating with a masters. Bearing in mind that 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off, we knew that any advice-oriented videos would require quick, catchy headlines. So in they went. And the rest is PINK history.

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