Victoria's Secret PINK — Pink Priorities Video

Hypothesis: Pink > Life. To prove this, my team started by looking at consumer truths that could ultimately help inform the deeper emotional part of this campaign. Enter FOMO. For all those not informed, Urban Dictionary defines FOMO as the intense "fear of missing out." We tapped into this insight by creating stories that spoke to the crazy lengths our PINK Nation Members will go to avoid missing the biggest back to college event of the year. Originally, we joked that wouldn't it be funny if one of the girls pushed Justin Beiber out of the way in order to score a limited-edition pull over. And from there, the story was born. I wrote a series of tongue-in-cheek scripts that showed PINK Nation members flocking to line up at local VS Pink Stores. They're abandoning everything to make shopping a priority — from bailing on their boyfriends to passing up on free puppies — without a second thought. Because PINK > Bae / Puppies and ultimately, Life. Introducing Pink Priorities.

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Victoria's Secret PINK
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Victoria's Secret PINK — Pink Priorities Video