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Hum Handbook

Hum Creative is a top independent creative studio that is highly thoughtful, design-forward, and innovative, who put their people first. The Hum Handbook is a toolkit for new employees starting at Hum Creative, and it dives into who Hum is, what their values are, what the process is like, how they have fun, and so much more. This little website is broken into multiple sections to take you through a fun journey and feel initiated into the amazing club of Hum Creative. The website features photography of the people and things that make Hum, Hum, including their French bulldog mascot named Etta who loves to make weird grunting noises and let out little doggie farts. I also wanted to create a quirky icon system that buddied up with each section of the website and acted as a way-finding element as well. Overall, the design was meant to show the weird, fun personality that is recognizable as Hum and make the new employee feel cared for and welcomed.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer
Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator
GIFs, Websites
Hum Handbook