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Lost on the high way (story script)

(Credits): -----written by tgthewriter1(now called thewriter197) -----employed by Ashford University Title: Lost on the High Way Lost..............I feel so lost. Where am I? What have I done to deserve this? It all started in November 17th. The day it rained and rained. The day I got lost on the high way. The day I didn’t know who I was. At the night of Nov. 17th, I looked at the punch sheet and pushed the button. I told my self, “I can’t wait till I leave this job.” I been working at this K-Mart job for 4 years. It wasn’t a part of the plan but when does anything go as planned. I decide to go to the bathroom to rub my eyes. I see the purple circles on my face. I look at the time on my cell and notice that it is past 10:00pm. I rotate my head in a clockwise rotation. Then, I decided to leave the K-Mart place and head to the high way. I decided to take a different route home. I usually take the street route home, but I was feeling a different road. I opened the car and turned on the radio. Nothing to listen to as usual. I backed up and hit the gas. The car fled off into the dark street like a space ship. I was probably the only car on the road. The streets was dark and gloomy. I could barely see the road. I keep driving for miles and miles thinking about my life. Why am I still working at K-Mart? After all this time, I am still putting up with the mental abuse and the frustration of not following my dreams. (sigh) Then, I suddenly realize that I didn’t make my turn. I then started panicking. What did I just do? There I was driving and driving like I know where to go. I missed my turn on the highway and I do not know how to get back. I am lost. I told my self, “I need to turn around and think happy thoughts.” I turned the car around and assumed I was the only one on the road. But, I was wrong. There was a truck blowing the horn at me. It rushed right past me in a split second. My heart was beating fast. I stopped the car after spinning around a couple times. What was that? It took me awhile to collect my self. Then, I decided to look at the dashboard for a couple of minutes. Maybe it was a hour. I have no idea. Then, I begin to hear a bell sound. A sound some say you hear when your about to die. Then I start to hear the rain getting more fierce. “Maybe I should park my car,” I said to myself. Then I noticed the gas tank being on empty. Today was not my day. I decided I would do something new and this is what happened. Was I overreacting? I have no way to be sure. Some people say, “it is always your fault.” I disagree because I can’t control other people. Back to the story. The next thing I know I see a man walking towards my car. I had a gun but it wasn’t with at the time. I begin to panic and think of what I am going to do. It is too late to ask for help. What does this guy want? The guy continues to walk closer and closer towards my car. I see the man waving his hand. I didn’t roll down my window because I was scared. The guy knocks on the window. When somebody knocks on the window you never feel comfortable. So, I roll down my window and see what’s up. The guy says, “what’s your problem?” I tell him, “I am lost and I don’t know where my turn is?” Then he looks at me and says, “you need to give me a ride or else........” I replied to the man by saying “what do you mean?” The next thing I know the guy pulls a gun on me. I look at the gun and it looks real enough. My heart begins to beat fast like really fast. I give the man a nod and I open my right door. The man gets in the car and tells me to drive. So, I drive without thinking about it. I didn’t want him to shoot me. We drive and it seems quiet at first. I was feeling my heart again and thinking of how not to upset him. I didn’t want to die. I looked at the stranger and noticed that he was a smoker. So, he looks at me and says, “Why do you still work at K-Mart?” So, I tell him “I need a job you know?” Then the stranger says, “We all need jobs but you need a purpose.” I looked at him and wondered. What does he mean? I need a purpose. I ask the stranger, “What you mean?” The stranger looks at me and when I look back at him while driving I feel his eyes piercing through my soul. I see red eyes lunching into me like a arrow touching a person with gold coins. The stranger says, “you wasn’t meant to work at K-Mart forever.” I respond, “But, I need money so what I am going to do?” He responds, “money is for paying bills and nothing more. You can not assume that money will give you more then what you need.” I looked at me and I knew he was telling the truth but how could I really leave my job. I really had was my job. I didn’t have a girlfriend. I didn’t have a education. I didn’t have friends. Now that I think about it. Maybe I should have quit my job to go back to school. Many people will hate me for it. But, I need an education. I been working at this crappy job for four years and I have nothing to show for it. I have nothing to show for it. Maybe the stranger is right. Maybe I do need to quit my job. The stranger then tells me to stop the car. I stop the car and stranger gets out. Then he says, “don’t be stupid.” The next thing I know I wake up and realize that I fell asleep in the parking lot. The next day, I decide to quit my job and go back to college. The stranger was right I was never meant to work at K-Mart for the rest of my life. Years later, I finished school and found a nice office job. The job I always wanted.

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Lost on the high way (story script)