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Woodlands: The Forbidden Lands

This is an illustrated map of the place you explore in the 2006 PS2 classic - Shadow of the Colossus. Scale is something that the game designers are constantly playing with in the game between the vastness of the environments to the towering heights of the enemies you face. Capturing those elements in a way that didn't feel forced or betray the nature of each character was a huge undertaking. I drew the map and Neutral Ground laser etches it into slabs of wood. The pictures are great but there's something totally different about holding the piece in your hand. Shameless plug: It's still for sale so if you've played the game or are curious, feel free to check it out at the link below.

Project Roles
Illustrator, Designer
Neutral Ground
Adobe Illustrator
Art, Illustrations
Project Industries
Entertainment, Gaming, Retail
Woodlands: The Forbidden Lands
Woodlands: The Forbidden Lands
Woodlands: The Forbidden Lands