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Musicians Against Homelessness

Musicians against Homelessness with Crisis x Music Event promotional material and stage projection - 2 A1 Posters, Screen printed on newsprint, pasted and collaged - 20 A5 Zines, Hand bound with Risograph - 1:30 Video for Stage Projection at Venue - Collaborative project with students at the University of the Arts London for a live show of 5 DJs at Corsica Studios in London. All of the proceeds for the event went to supporting the homeless in London with the charity Crisis. - Our group decided to communicate "hidden homeless" as well as the look and feel of advertisements wheat pasted over each other through ripping photos of the area and distorting similar videos for the stage projection. See more about my contribution, which was focused around the stage projection, in my process book below.

Project Roles
UAL Student
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Photojournalism
Magazines, Posters, Video Installations
Project Industries
Music, Non-Profit
Musicians Against Homelessness
Musicians Against Homelessness
Musicians Against Homelessness
Musicians Against Homelessness