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American Express - Global Community Portal

As a Sr Art Director & Visual Designer with Perficient, I was brought on as an UX,UI, visual design consultant to look at a community web portal that Salesforce was creating for American Express. My objective was to give recommendations on how to better align the look & feel of the community web portal with AMEX’s brand identity guidelines. I conducted a thorough visual design audit of both the web portal and brand guidelines, and I identified many inconsistencies. I also noted that the UX and UI seemed a little out dated and could use enhancements both visually and functionally to make the experience more compelling to users. American Express agreed with the feedback, and asked if I could design my vision of their community portal homepage. I started the design process by identifying what type of components and features were required. I then prioritize the required components and features into a list. The two major requirements were a prominent search area and access on mobile devices for all users. I compared the list of key components to all of the OOB (Out Of the Box) components and UI provided in the Salesforce Cloud framework. Fortunately, both a prominent search are, and mobile responsive were supported by the Salesforce Cloud framework, which gave me the information I needed to start the visual design comps. Next, I identified all the types of content that would live on the homepage by looking at site maps, journey maps, and main navigation items. I noted that the content was also to be personalized to the user. I broke down the homepage into 5 sections, with a mobile first approach. Each section on the homepage varied in look & feel to help differentiate the types of content, but all the variations relying on the same visual design anatomy. I created a few homepage visual design directions, and presented them to American Express. Overall, they were happy with the aesthetics of all the homepage layouts, but chose to move forward with one, plus some minor edits and enchantments. I then was tasked with applying the new visual design to a few other templates some examples being profile and article content. After I completed designing all the templates, I presented the work to Executives at American Express headquarters in NYC. The presentation was received with excitement, and thoughtful insight into some of the concerns both with UX of specific unidentified user types, and the overall costs. This feedback was exactly what I expected and is the next step in the process, which is user testing. I worked with our user testing experts to set-up a testing environment of the visual designs, and we compare the costs of custom components versus OOB components, specifically the features that do not exist in the OOB components. After our user testing experts conduct a thorough test with dozens of user types, we modified the designs to include the findings. Finally, I worked with the UI developers to ensure that they received the assets needed, and the visual design carried through to the end product.

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Art Director, Creative Director, Designer, Product Designer, UX/IA Designer
American Express
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Digital
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American Express - Global Community Portal
American Express - Global Community Portal
American Express - Global Community Portal