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YCCA'14 Digital Shortlist: "Ungegruppen"

"Ungegruppen" is a small, danish organization for 15-25 year-olds diagnosed with HIV. In those years, you are in your most critical phase of finding your own identity, so getting diagnosed with a chronic and tabooed decease can be of the most destructive nature. We created a site specifically for these 150 young people to show them, that it is possible to live an almost normal life with HIV today, with a normal lovelife, family, children etc. We decided to have to have two spokespersons, a boy and a girl, both with HIV, telling their stories in immense details to reassure the audience and demystify life with HIV. Made with Philip Kobjevsky

Project Roles
Art Director, Motion Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects
Case Study Videos, Motion Graphics
Project Industries