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IBM Digital Design Framework

I led the VSA Agile team that designed the w3DS Design System (w3DS). w3DS is a user interface framework for the web made of code patterns, visual tools and brand guidelines used by internal IBM teams to quickly develop responsive sites and apps. Essentially it’s Bootstrap meets Google Materials Design meets classic identity system. Y'know, one of those. w3DS dovetails with a kaleidoscope of internal resources and legacy systems inside IBM, making the project a fascinating, brain-burning challenge.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Art Direction, Conceptual, Creative Direction, Design, Design Pattern Research, Digital, Digital Tech, Interactive, Language: English, Management of Teams 1-10, Management of Teams 10-20, Managing Budgets, Sketch, Strategy, Technology, User Behavior Research, Wrangling - Creatives
App Design, Brand Guidelines, Product Designs, Products - Digital, Prototypes, UI Design, UX Designs, Visual Designs, Web Apps, Websites
Project Industries
International, Software, Technology