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The Grid: Branding

The Grid is a branding project we have done on a freelance basis for J. Walter Thompson Cairo as part of a branding pitch. The naming of the residential compound was inspired by being central and connected on the map, as its location is connective of two largely important parts of the city, therefore reassuring that its residents are in the centre of everywhere they want to be, and could easily reach out to everything they want accordingly. We used the visual image of a connection between the two central locations to form the bowl & loop of a lowercase "g", and using this monogram as the simplified version of the logo. In the extended version of the logo, the same concept of playing on the connection was used, where the words "the" and "grid", were also connected to become one. The monogram of the connected "g" was used to later on be the literal grid on which all of the branded applications is based, as a way of resembling the link between both locations, splitting most imagery and color spaces to symbolise the two areas with the "g" linking them.

Project Roles
Art Director
J. Walter Thompson
Art Direction, Design
Brand Guidelines, Logos
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The Grid: Branding
The Grid: Branding
The Grid: Branding