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Taht El Balata: Educational board game

Taht El Balata is an educational board game for Egyptian students from middle school and upwards that helps them foster a better awareness of social and financial realities that exist in their country that they might not get acquainted to prior to having to deal with, and giving them insight on developing a collective decision making process to deal with these realities and situations. Investigating how the creation of a customized educational board game to be played within a class setting could enhance Egyptian students’ understanding of their country’s financial situation and how Egyptian families work hard to find their unique workaround solutions to the financial troubles they face, as well as give them deeper insight on the fragility of text-book definitions of social class. All the while providing better in class dynamics by introducing different modes of collaboration and competition within the game.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Art Direction, Game Design, Language: Arabic
Games - Board
Project Industries
Taht El Balata: Educational board game
Taht El Balata: Educational board game