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The Tube

"The Tube" aims to be a web platform one layer above YouTube, in that it provides users with easily-accessible ordered collections of videos, called "serials," centered around a certain topic or subject. Users will be able to log in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google, search/browse both site-curated and user-curated serials, make their own serials based on pre-existing or new topics, upvote or downvote serials or individual videos (which will make site-curated serials dynamic in nature), comment on serials, and verify their accounts based on expertise or being a YouTube content creator. As far as I know, there is currently no similar web platforms that offer these features, but I was inspired by 8tracks, Khan Academy, various educational YouTube channels, and the difficulty of finding quality videos on YouTube.

Project Roles
Back-End Developer, Developer, Front-End Developer
Back-End Development, CSS, CSS / JS Precompressor, Front-End Development, HTML, JavaScript
Web Apps, Websites
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The Tube