GloboBot, Fine Art Photography Series

When Kuntz sees a city skyline, he sees faces, torsos, and legs within the landscape. All the inspiration he needs to create his next GloboBot. Its inception came about on his walk to work through the cavernous streets of Manhattan. A route that’s usually determined by the way the sun hits different structures. In a time when people rarely look up from their devices, Kuntz realized there is so much beauty that goes unseen—like corner windows that would make a perfect pair of eyes, or towers that would make a strong pair of legs. So he decided to deconstruct these buildings that normally cast shadows down on cities, and bring them to eye level in a reimagined way. As a result, his GloboBot collection has been turning urban landscapes into playgrounds since 2014. Tasked with creating something his young son could fall in love with, he tapped into his own inner child. By shooting iconic buildings from the most striking cities around the world from Miami to Paris, Kuntz shapes them into epic robots. “A lot of initial planning takes place. Each city’s architecture is researched and plotted onto a pocket size map. Not just any building can become a GloboBot. There needs to be something unique about a structure.” Kuntz’s love for making things has been with him since his early days in his parents’ garage, creating t-shirt designs and printing them on his five-color silkscreen press. Born in Hammond, Indiana to artist parents, his ceaseless curiosity led him from the heart of the Midwest to all over the world. While attending art school in Detroit for Graphics Communications, he was seduced by the mix of historic Art Deco skyscrapers and post-modern neo-gothic spires that make up its skyline. He then moved on to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta to study Art Direction. From there, he went on to assist commercial photographers in Los Angeles, where he learned about lighting, set building, and film development. This led to advertising jobs in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Singapore, and New York, where his camera was always at his side. Undoubtedly, his wanderlust has been serving as his muse for over twenty years, and will continue to do so with every walk he takes.

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GloboBot, Fine Art Photography Series