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Art of Living in Sweden ICON is a beautiful, minimalistic real-estate investment in Växjö, Sweden. Purpose of the video was to show some of the rich history that is the main theme of it. This edifice is surrounded by sport facilities in which local staium is the most important. Växjö is proud of thier legacy and so as ICON building. 3D animations in this production was prepared with help of 3D Vision studio from Karlskrona, Sweden. There is not any footage from this building since it was under the costruction while this clip was prepared, so most of it is based around historical photos, architectual drafts and simple animations based on ICON's brand book.

Project Roles
Animator, Creative Director, Illustrator
2D, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Language: Swedish, Vector
2D Animations
Project Industries
Real Estate
Icon Animation
Icon Animation