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Studio Xfinity Flagship Retail Store

Studio Xfinity is an immersive, interactive flagship retail store designed to transform the customer experience and draw in customers. The store was designed by a team whose vision was a new type of retail concept, one that became a large scale media environment to excite customers and offer educational opportunities. The store embodied the Xfinity brand commitment to “entertainment and connectivity, anytime, anywhere.” At Studio Xfinity visitors of all ages can experience the full range of Xfinity’s products and services—and have fun while they learn. Creating this experience required me to draw on a variety of specialized UX disciplines, including digital interactive development, game design, and strong collaboration with the physical design team. As the lead interactive designer, I was excited to take on this opportunity. Designed from the user’s perspective, Studio Xfinity is both a store and ‘lab,’ featuring more than 800 square feet of LED screens, large-scale media installations, tablets and touchscreen surfaces. In three studios outfitted with oversize screens and theater-style seating, customers play single- or multi-player games and participate in live demos. Demonstration ‘towers’ show guests how to use Xfinity products.

Project Roles
Creative Technologist, UX/IA Designer
ESI Design
Experiential, Interactive
Games - Mobile, Interactive Installations, Retail Designs, Software
Project Industries
Retail, Technology
Studio Xfinity Flagship Retail Store
Studio Xfinity Flagship Retail Store
Studio Xfinity Flagship Retail Store
Studio Xfinity Flagship Retail Store