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Sheba Cat Food -An Experiential/Case Study for Cannes

An Experiential/Case Study for Cannes We set up this installation where making connections are of great importance: Grand Central Station, the perfect setting to remind cat owners what it's like to make a connection with their cats. We initially grab attention of people walking by with a 2D projection of a Russian Blue cat in a house interior complete with real household objects. The cat will track the pedestrian's movements and follow them. Once engaged, signage wil; lead them to a Hologram Box (made to look like a kitchen counter) where they interact with a 3D version of the Russian Blue cat. Users will be prompted to sync their smartphones by simply signing into a website we provide. Once signed in, they will be able to interact with the 3D hologram Russian Blue cat in the box. Their one goal: making a connection by keeping the cat's attention.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director
Adobe Photoshop, Art Buying, Conceptual
Interactive Installations
Project Industries
Packaged Goods
Sheba Cat Food -An Experiential/Case Study for Cannes