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Even though we're all grown up and live on our own, there are times when you absolutely, urgently, desperately need to call your mom. Like when you're cooking for your YA book club and everything is starting to burn. Or when your boyfriend announces he's leaving for that girl at the office who he swore you didn't need to worry about. Or when you have man-flu and feel like you're dying. When it matters most, why bother unlocking your phone, searching for your mom in your contacts and pushing all those buttons? What if there was an easier way to call your mom, where and when you need her most? Introducing Mom-1-1, a modded Amazon Dash button that automatically dials your mom at the push of a button. Install it wherever you think the need to call mom might arise most urgently--on your stove, under your desk at work, in your car. Now mom is just a push of a button away!

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