Expedia | Great Britain

To attract American travelers to British shores, we needed to show them that a vacation to Britain was more than double-decker buses, Buckingham Palace and all the expected sightseeing in London. We needed to make Britain feel a little more unknown. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the experience was launching following Britain's decision to leave the EU. We decided to counter the perceived negativity of the isolationist message of Brexit by focusing on the Brits themselves. Always ones to keep a stiff upper lip and a brilliant sense of humor no matter what comes their way, we simply reminded travelers that it’s actually the witty, charming Britons themselves who truly make Britain great. To provide both a deeper and broader look at the vast diversity of the people, culture, experiences and activities awaiting in Britain, we created a digital and mobile experience that users controlled entirely; navigating throughout multiple destinations to create their own unique journey. At the conclusion, data was dynamically captured telling them where they spent the most viewing time and provided curated recommendations in those destinations. Clicking on any of the recommended hotels or activities took users directly to Expedia so they could begin booking their actual trip to Great Britain.

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Expedia | Great Britain