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Include Autism | Brand Evolution

Inclusion and Differentiation The Include Autism rebranding was part of an agency giveback program and helped the organization gain awareness and recognition in the community they interact with on a daily basis. This unique identity intentionally forces a closer look as it, literally, includes the kids (small letters) in the community (caps). The design adds color, diversity and fun, yet maintains legibility and recognition. This unique identity is very ownable, not only for the brand but also for the kids and all people in the community. The kids wear these T-shirts daily when they are out and about, so we turned the logo into a call to action. _________ Legal note: ©1997-2016. All work shown in this portfolio was created at the respective firms and is therefore protected as their intellectual property. No part of this document may be copied, published, reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. However, you definitely can ask me nicely about it.

Project Roles
Art Director, Copywriter, Creative Director
Mth Degree
Art Direction, Content, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Management of Teams 1-10, Strategy
Apparel, Brand Guidelines, Branded Content, Logos, Social Media Content, Websites
Project Industries
Health/Pharma, Non-Profit
Include Autism  |  Brand Evolution
Include Autism  |  Brand Evolution
Include Autism  |  Brand Evolution