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A baby formula brand not only connected with parents, it changed the way they they treated each other. Nearly 90% of pregnant women intend to breastfeed their child, while only 50% are actually able to. The result is often frustration, guilt, and perceived judgment from other moms. This inspired us to envision a world where judging moms is a thing of the past. We celebrated every style of parenting, creating the tagline, “Welcome to the Sisterhood of Motherhood.” The campaign gathered 8 million YouTube views in its first weekend, which is twice the number of new moms that exist at any given time in the US. We sustained momentum through print, social, and product-focused video, giving the brand a true platform to separate itself from competitive brands.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Conceptual, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Advertising, Branded Content, Commercials - Video
Project Industries
Packaged Goods